Why would a guy turn down a date offer?

I started dating my friends with benefits after couple months, because he and i decided that we both have some feelings for each other even though he is planning to move to another state soon he wanted to give it a shot hesitantly (because of possible ldr). He took me out to a nice dinner on Saturday as the first date as we are transitioning to something else. Today I texted him whether he would be interested in seeing a documentary or Oscar nominated short films screening on Thursday as I know he likes documentaries. He asked me what the documentary was and was about. The documentary is "I am not your negro". We both are Caucasian 27 year old adults. I explained what it is, and he said "I'll pass on that". I said okay and he didn't offer anything else. So i wrote if you wanna hang out or come over visit me, let me know and he said "will do". Does it mean he gave up dating? Or does it mean he is actually racist and didn't wanna see the documentary? Do you think there is a meaning behind his behavior and decline?


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  • Maybe he's just busy or he's trying to take things slow.

    • Well, we were seeing each other for sex 2-3 times at least and he was staying over sometimes during the weekends. He is shifting from night to day shift, I am wondering if it is because he needs time to adjust that or it is because he is packing to move out since he is selling his house. Because before he was always interested in what i was interested, so suddenly after first official date he seemed uninterested, I wonder if he never wanna see me again.

    • With all due respect, you are over reacting. It seems like there's a lot going on in his life right now. I would recommend letting him adjust to his environment.

    • I know. I tend to give him space after I had the talk about getting serious and trying. I gave him 10 days to think, and never texted or contacted. But he decided to try it, because he was afraid of distance. But since the last date (first date ever and first date without sex involved) I feel awkward since we didn't have sex, and in fact spend time outside. He was awkward too so it got me scared that he may just give up. I just like him, and I am really really not that needy or clingy, trust me.

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  • Maybe he didn't think the specific documentary would be interesting enough for him.

    • I hope that's the case.

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