Will girls reschedule?

Will a girl reschedule if she has plans when you ask her out? If she likes you that is. For instance just started talking to this girl. Asked if she had plans Saturday night. She said she did. So I told her that was cool just checking. This is usually how I go about it untill I let time pass and ask her again. I just wanna know if I'm wasting time with these type of girls though. Personally if I wanna see someone I will cancel what I have "unless it's supper important" or I will make another day to hang.


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  • Girls reschedule, I reschedule if I want to hang out with you, if not i'll say that i'm busy and hope you don't mention hanging out again. You can ask her if she would like to hang, and if she says " im busy " ask her for a "raincheck" or if she could reschedule.

    • Naw I'll take the L on this one. I'm not that kinda guy to persist with someone that doesn't really show any effort.

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