Some crushing advice?

I've liked one of my friends for a long time now. We have bonded a lot over the summer but now he has a girlfriend. It is difficult to live with so I'm ask for help. Most people will say move on but how? How can you move on from someone you have liked for so long? How can you be okay with them being with someone who isn't you? How can you move on from believing someone actually liked you?

Thanks for the advice


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  • The truth is, it's only hard because you're young. Emotions are new, hormones are strong, and everything that happens in life ends up getting magnified and made out to be so dramatic. In the end, you didn't even have a real relationship with this guy so all I can say is you'll get over it. You're at a point in your life where everyone is single and as such, you have more romantic options than you'll ever have again. Try to open your eyes to all of the options you have out there rather than focusing on this one non-boyfriend. You'll be fine, I promise and in fact, in a couple years, his name will come up in your head and you'll suddenly remember him. At that point, you'll look back and wonder why you made such a big deal over this guy.


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  • By keeping your mind distracted, by seeing other people, by hanging out with your friends, by being focused on the things you wish to succeed.


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