Have you ever had a bad date turn into a good date?

We started the date off arguing and because I was a "fuckboy", all I could think about was whether or not I should just leave because I felt like being around her wasn't worth any sex she could give me. I wanted to choke her, and not in a sexual way. She really bothered me because her arguments were in same league as mine, so although I wasn't going to lose, I wasn't going to win either. We were both stubborn so neither of us would give up.

During our arguing, I sarcastically said that her and I should climb a mountain together. She said "okay let's go" (sarcastically). Neither of us had climbed a mountain before and I was honestly hoping that she would say no, and that she wanted me to take her home. But since she said yes, and since I was stubborn, I decided to drive her and I to a mountain we could climb.

Upon arriving at a mountain, I realized she wasn't going to back down, so neither could I. We both began walking up the mountain, still in an argument because neither of us were dressed for the occasion. It was very hot, and climbing a mountain fully-clothed made us both irritable. It took a while but we finally reached the top.

She sat on one edge of the mountain and I sat on another, we weren't even speaking to each other. While sitting there I began to think of various strategies to end up getting sex from her somehow.

The sun was starting to go down so I turned around to tell her that we should climb down. We both turned around at the same time, she had the most beautiful smile on her face, and for a moment I could swear my heart stopped. The idea of using this girl for my sexual interest totally left my mind. I got up, she got up, and it felt like nature gravitated into each other's arm. We kissed and it felt like the world stopped around us.

We didn't have sex that night, but sex wasn't even on my mind with her. All I wanted was to never let her go, and to never leave the mountain that her and I were so reluctant to climb in the first place...Have you ever had a bad date turn into a good date?


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  • So? What happened? (I am expecting a happy end :p )

    • Lol well it certainly wasn't a happy ending

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    • Meh, sorry about that

    • It's okay. I'm over it now but I was damaged for quite a while from it

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  • Beautiful, that brought a tear to my eye, wasn't expecting a story like that

    • I wasn't expect a day like that lol. I still remember the moment I fell in love with her...

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  • Tl;dr


  • they were all good but I didn't get any attraction.


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