Is it weird for an ex to reach out after a year?

•We broke up mutually he was being deported
•He don't have each other on socials anymore
• Dont have eachothers number
•A year later his back in town
• He kept my sister on fb and is now being super friendly with her (never used to be)
•His asking questions about me and if im single
• He brought up that he has kept the gifts i hot him
• Asked to meet up my sister for coffee (im away for 2 weeks for work)
•He told her he hasn't dated anyone since me
• He has been friendly to my mom

Is this his way of trying to reach out to me? I dont want to jump the gun...

  • Yes, he is trying to reach out to you
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  • No, his just messing with your head
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Most Helpful Guy

  • yup he's trying to slide back in, makes perfect sense if you broke up mutually

    • What should i do? :/

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    • Lol, this sucks man

    • yes it does but what's the worst the can happen? either you get back together or you stay as it is now

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What Guys Said 2

  • It is not weird at all for an ex to reach out after a year. Well if you broke up for mutually agreeable reasons, and it wasn't for anything bad, then it normal for him to want to look back into dating you if he is back in your area.

    • Do you think i should reach out, or should i just carry on and wait for him to eventually try contact me? Thanks for responding by the way

  • Lol is he Muzzzlim?


What Girls Said 3

  • They usually reach out after some time.

    • Well, i didn't think he would. But his persistence has made me question if i should make contact and how. Its hard because we dont have eachother on socials anymore...

  • Meant to put yes. Ops.

  • It can't be more clear than this. He wants to grab you by the pu**y ;)


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