The girl I met my fall semester of 2015 played me?

I met this girl 3 months ago at first it was her chasing me but then eventually as time passed the roles switch. she didn't like it when I talked about other girls but yet she thought it was fine for her to hang out with guys and talk about guys in front of me. As soon as the Semester ended she started making excuses no to hang out. we got in a argument and didn't talk for two weeks and out of no where she message me saying sorry for being so selfish a month later im trying to convince her to hang out on Friday but she said she mad plans with her girlfriend. the Friday I message her and she stop replying around 12pm and did not reply back to me till 12am. the next day she message me saying guess what? I saw my ex I started feeling butterflys and I told him about us and all the things we have gone through. we talked things out and agreed on having dinner (keep in mind she knew I liked her a lot) so I told her it wasn't a good idea to hang out this Monday but eventually changed my mind. so we meet on Monday and she was acting super distant and acting like a ass like she didn't care we hanged out for only 20mins becausw I felt she didn't want to be with me at all. I didn't have the guts to tell her I didn't want to talk to her. instead I message her saying sorry. and she replied sorry for what? that was the last time we texted its been. month. and just recently I saw her at school and we made eye contact i acted like i didn't know her and she got an awkward look on her eyes but before she saw me i saw she looked sad and a bit lonely it broke my heart I really wants to go up to her and say hi but I've honestly kissed her ass way to much. instead I acted like idnt know her. now my question is should i move on or message her. i accidently ran into her at school and we met each other's eyes and when we did I quickly turned away but when I saw her she was on the phone but got really quiet as soon as she saw me. I felt like I should of talked to her instead?


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  • I don't think you should keep talking to her. She is not interested in you, she is only using you for attention.


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  • If I were you I would just move on and start out fresh with a new girl. However, I'd like to talk about how you handled everything because it's so clear and obvious that you fucked up big time. The reason she pulled back like that was because you overpersued over pursued. She was chasing you dude, it was in the bag. All you had to do was relax and see her when she wanted to. I'm guessing you also pushed the topic of a relationship on her and basically just being the woman in the relationship which ultimately turned her off. You acted out and threw a tantrum because your ego was hurt because she didn't like you as much as you wanted her to like you, that's a huge no and it literally has the opposite effect. It's like a kid crying to get his mom's attention because she's too busy or tired, all that's going to do is piss off the mom even more.

    Yea point that I'm trying to make here is for future reference don't come off as too forward and clingy.

    • Yeah my mistake was being to straight forward. As soon as I realized I liked her I told her exactly how I felt. she replied with i feel like we should take things slow. when we would hang out or go on dates she would give me signs to kiss her but I never really did because she was the one who said i was moving to fast. there was this one time I was suppose to give her a ride home and she said i didn't have to because a guy was taking her home and when the guy came she didn't hug me like always when she said bye

    • at first she would always wine because I would never text her quick enough and so I did and we started talking back and forth non stop and eventually she began to lag. never brought it up to her. she told me she worked Thursday- Sunday but apparently the last day I saw her she only worked wensday Thursday and Fridays. after the Semester ended she started making excuses that she was busy on new years I waited for her to send me a happy new years text but I never got nothing. she would get mad when I talked to girl yet she thought it was okay for her to talk to guys i honestly think she was using me. she started using me right when I opened up

  • Move on. Newer give people who mistreated you any of your free time - they do not deserve it.

    • thanks dude its just been rough since she made me think she cared. it's been almsot 3 weeks without us talking or texting communicate is gone

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    • Time heals all wounds.

    • I sure hope it does

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