Is he uninterested?

Knew guy from online dating, he's 5 years older and we have deep yet funny discussions, which I find rather pleasant. He's encouraging about my opinions and choices and accepting when mine differs from his, although for now there aren't many such instances. We have many similarities, including needing quiet me time, preference to be direct, and the kind of partner that we want (someone to connect, not someone superficial we can only have small talk with).

So, although it sounds pretty great, he started asking me out the first day we started talking (on 13th, asking for a vday date). I was quite reluctant to meet him for fear that despite my pleasant impression, he's shady hahah. For the next few days he continued asking casually to have coffee during weekends, wasn't pushy but I didn't agree.

On Fri I went drinking with a girlfriend who teased that I smiled a little too much while texting him. I had a bit too much, and started spelling weird, he says he may start to get worried which is not fun and asks me text him when I'm home. Im a sleepy drunk, so my girlfriend took my phone and started texting this guy telling him to get me home if he's really worried. And on the 5th day of chatting, he climbed out of bed and changed to get me home.

The next day he says he doesn't like worrying about drunk people and was less chatty. I had wanted to ask him out for coffee to thank him but thought maybe I'll ask nxt wk as he didn't sound too happy. But the day after, he told me he'd be flying off that night on a month-long trip, and I told him my original plans to ask him out. He replied sure, maybe when I'm back. And said he won't be contactable but will talk when he's back. He has also told me that I don't have to overthink with him as he is a blunt person.

But I can't help thinking, was he busy (that weekend before flying) or was he not interested anymore? I haven't fallen for him but I think he's a really great guy and I want to know him better. Opinions?


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  • Maybe the whole drinking fiasco turned him off a bit.

    And the whole idea of not being contactable sounds ridiculous.
    Even for 5 mins a day is enough.

    Did you ever get to see whatever your friend typed?

    • I thought so too, he said he left his drinking years ago and hasn't had to deal with drunk people in years.

      He said data is expensive. So I'm thinking maybe he doesn't want to contact.

      Yea I did she was jokingly taunting that he doesn't really mean it when he said he'd come get me. And threats that he doesn't break my heart lol

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    • no, I understand your point of view. If its just friendly vibez then might as well wait until he comes back.

    • @Asker, thanks for mho

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