Is he suddenly attached or just falling in love?

So I've been with my boyfriend for a month we've been talking for almost a year and we've been very close for 5 months now... we eventually began a relationship... I really do like him a lot... we had sex two Saturdays ago for the first time and my first time in general with anyone (I know some people are going to say it's too soon but i was comfortable and I felt ready so im great) anyways ever since I feel he's closer to me... he made me a key copy for his house and he recently invited me to a family event and this Thursday he wants to go buy a new mattress and wants me to help him choose one... he's also asked me about kids... and he asked me yesterday if he were to ask my parents for engagement permission who I'd feel more comfortable knowing first (mom, stepdad dad) he always wants to be around me (but he does give me my space also I know this is pretty normal to long for someone)... I want to be around him too and I do love him a lot also the things he does and says are hella cute and what not but I've never been very cutesy with relationships I hate cheesy shit if I'm honest but yeah I can't tell if he's starting to love me or if he's just feeling attached and moving fast... our age gap is 8years I'm wondering if maybe he's just ready to settle down and he sees potential with me which I am grateful if he does but is he moving too fast because of attachment or truly feeling great about me or am I just being your average overthinking human? please give me your thoughts and opinions


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  • Him being older does make him think a little differently, he has spent more time being an adult and from what i read seems responsible, he might be at that moment in his life where he wants to settle down, while you being younger have 8 less years of time to think about ehat you want from life and others, you just need to know what you want. take sometime to think about what you want from the relationship.


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  • I imagine he is probably falling in love with you. I mean, he even talked to you about engagement.


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