Is there a chance this type of guy would ever like me? (I typed a lot, sorry in advance!)?

About me:

Physically, I am alright. Not fat, not muscular. I have a nice figure. 5'7", decent height. Blonde, blue eyes, no irregular facial features.

Personality: I'm very shy at first and slowly open up. Once I do, I become a joker. I love to laugh and make other people laugh. I know a lot of people think the zodiac signs is total bullshit, but I have a lot in common with my sign (Gemini) in that I need to keep things interesting and entertaining. I may not be the most well read and intellectual, logical thinker, but I love a good deep conversation about anything, even if I don't know a lot about it. Learning is fun, if it is interesting. I love to teach and be taught. Even if it's miscellaneous, trivial stuff that's not super important or relevant to anything, well I appreciate it too.

But around cute guys, it takes longer for to open up. Therefore many guys never get to know me past thinking I'm the shy, quiet girl, who may make awkward observations.

The guy I have a crush on... Well, he has only seen my shy quiet side. He IS the well read type. He is kind of dorky too, like he quotes a lot of stuff (stuff I haven't read or seen), talks about how many books he's trying to read but doesn't have the time to, and he hardly ever initiates conversation. If I talk to him first, he easily and willingly talks back to me, but I clam up because I get nervous and so the conversation doesn't last long or go anywhere interesting, ever. It's like we don't have much in common, or maybe we do but we just don't have chemistry to discover it by talking more.

He really is cute and his interests he talks about gives him a sweet, innocent vibe, yet I'm still intimidated and nothing ever happens.

Do you think if I were more confident, this type of guy would show interest then? I fear that if I did have confidence, he still wouldn't be attracted simply because I'm not familiar with all the things he is into. Like I'm a stupid girl, in his eyes.



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What Guys Said 1

  • don't undersell yourself. there are a lot of good qualities in you. mutual interest is based on chemistry. I would say go for it. if you don't try it will not happen anyways.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he actually considers you stupid. I think he might be a little shy talking to you as well. Also, congrats for initiating, many people are not as ballsy as you are. You should continue talking to him.


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