Attending university, how do I find girls that don't drink or that have to somehow always bring in alcohol or clubbing etc?

I feel like drinking is becoming more common among females and while I don't care what other people do, I'm finding it hard to find a girl that doesn't drink, is drinking becoming an epidemic or something cause I'm having a hard time, any help as to where I can find a female who's definition of having fun isn't getting drunk?


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  • You'll have a hard time finding that I'd say. Especially in college. I'd say the library would be a good place to look but it's not exactly a place you to meet people.

    • Well this sucks, I don't drink because I just don't like the taste and it's just not me plus i really don't view getting drunk as having fun.

  • Maybe you are just unlucky... but seriously I know many girls who don't do that. I don't either. :/


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  • Find a girl who is prudish

    • And where do I do that

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    • Maybe at a church

    • I went to catholic school and believe me, a lot of those girls were not saintly or religious in any sense, actually I found some religious women to be worse lol.

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