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Honestly confused and feel trapped. So I've been talking to this older guy for about four months. I'm a freshman in college. I never dated before. He began to rush things, like he wanted to be in a relationship after a month of knowing each other. I told him I wasn't ready because I still need to work on myself/school. He said that he would wait until I was ready and he doesn't want to talk to any other girl. Also, he's forceful. Like he forced me to kiss him and each time we hang out, I feel like that's all he's focused on. He makes me call him everyday. I regret showing him to my mom. I also noticed how I ALWAYS ask him questions to get to know him. He barely ask questions about myself. I also noticed how he seems to be jealous of how close-knit my family is. Yeah he is nice and caring, I don't know if I want to be with him in the long-term. I don't know how I should tell him. Would it better via person or on the phone?
He also talks about the future a lot, like how we're going to get married.


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  • i wouldn't be with him long term if i was you. you can do better with someone your own age. this guy just seems to be reaching for something he can't obtain because he is older. you really need to find somoen younger because you have a life to live not an old man to take care of.

    • Yeah. I'm 18 and he's 23. He also talks about how we're going to get married. It scares me tbh.

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    • I think I'm just going to do it over the phone. Like he met my mom two days ago, and my mom was even skeptical. I regret being vulnerable.

    • thats a good idea , follow your gut on this one.

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  • I think you should both leave eachother before you guys get attached.. he's probably obsessed with the idea of being in love or in a relationship and he's not focusing on getting to know you well he's not letting you do you.. if you were to stay together you would only get attached & it would be an unhealthy relationship it might be good at first but once he realizes he's not for you & actually finds someone he really likes for them he will leave you and you'll realize he was only with you to have a relationship


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  • When in doubt get out. He's forcing you to do stuff thats a red flag to get out. Jealous of your famiy wtf? Get out, tell him via phone to be safe from physical violence. He sounds dangerous


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  • I think it would be better in person but if you are worried he'll react badly then maybe do it over the phone.


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