Girl texting another guy when she has a boyfriend early in the morning - what will he be thinking?

Especially if she never mentions her boyfriend around him? Will he assume she was thinking of him at those hours and is interested in him? will he think it was weird?

What does it mean if he didn't respond?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, I think that any guy would assume that. I mean, unless the text is work related or something, it would be odd to get a text from a girl first thing in the morning when she has a boyfriend. As for the second part, you can't easily tell. Guys aren't the greatest texters (I'm quite certain the top 200 texters in the world are all female!) but I would say that it probably means that he's not super excited about her.

    • What if he responded to her without mentioning the time period the following morning?

      And would he assume it was a booty call to begin with, even if it was just an innocuous text all along?

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    • If she cuts off contact now, but ran into him later on with/without her boyfriend, how would he likely act around her in both of those scenarios?

      Would he be cocky because it was an ego boost?

    • Hey, you there? Any chance you could answer my question?

What Girls Said 2

  • He's thinking, why is this girl with a boyfriend texting me? Not responding means he doesn't want the drama you have attached.

    • What if he learned about the boyfriend on his own and the girl never told him about it?

      Would he assume she wanted to have sex or something?

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    • Could you please just help me out, I won't ask any more questions after those ones. Please.

    • My guess is he would def assume you're attracted to him.
      I don't think he'd feel the need to avoid her/you.
      But as for dating, while he's probably sure your attracted to him, there no way for me to know if he's attracted to you.

  • Classy.

    She's very likely one of the many women he's texting if he's single.
    He's probably mentally high fiving himself over all the action he's getting.

    • What are you saying? That he's with a bunch of girls ATM and that's why he never responded?

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    • Even if she backs away too?

    • And if he guy is really hot and didn't respond and did what he did, would you assume he has a bunch of girls after him?

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