To add my potential true love or not to add?

So.. here it goes. Almost five years ago, my favorite artist posted a status on facebook about the superbowl. I was a freshman in college and I was bored, so I started to look through the comment section. There was one comment in particular that I thought was particularly hilarious, and out of curiosity I went into the profile of the guy who had posted it. I was immediately smitten with said guy, but he lived across the country and I was too afraid to add him or do anything out of fear of coming off as a stalker. Five years later, I am still smitten with this guy, despite not knowing him I think he is funny and caring, and there is nothing I would like more than to get a chance of knowing him. This has never happened to me with anyone else, i'm a pretty attractive female, smart and with normal social abilities ( to clarify that I am a well adapted member of society). Anyways, throughout the years, I have always gone back to his profile out curiosity and just to see how this guy I mentioned is doing, and I have to wander if this is all some strange convoluted sign from the universe or if I am just being obssesive? Last year I finally got the courage and added him on facebook, but two days later he had not accepted my friend request and I panicked and deleted my request. As always, no matter if I am moving across the world he's always on the back of my mind and I have been considering if I should try adding him again? Should I try again, i'm very afraid of coming off as creepy, which I swear i'm not. Would it be weird to message him telling him all of this? I'm afraid he will think I am a stalker ( he's a good looking guy). What would you think if you were him?


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  • Sure, you can try adding him again. If I were him I'd be surprised over the fact that the girl deleted the request and then added me again.

  • Not too add


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