Why women are attracted to bad boys?

Also applies to boys why they like to fall in love with bad girls? What is in the human mind that makes us fall for the wrong people? Not only that but even if people tell us "hey he is not right for you or he is not wortht it" we are blind and sometimes we dont even listen to those people and we keep liking that person and we know they are not good..

In my case I keep thinking about a guy I felt attracted 2 years ago that is because he made me believe I was attracted to him as well. He was never bad to me or treated me bad. We met in a family trip, he knows my family so we broke the ice so easily and fast, like I knew him already.. We shared things in common, I sensed he did like me back. We went on a first date just one month of meeting each other, we made out,, we hugged each other, he even asked me and wanted to know what did I think of him. We talked for hours after dinner , he share personal stuff of his family to me. He seems he started to like me.

Then we even talked about going out again but that never happened, things came along the way after the first date that he blew me off. Note. He did not start to like another girls that I know and it is confirmed. So then we stop communicating, I stop contacting him he did the same to me. But then last year something terrible happen to him, he almost died in an accident, I contacted him again, after like one year nof not contact cause he blew me off and he thanked me for asking about him and his condition., He then again acted civil and I even invited him to my bday party last year and he was all nice and said sure if I feel in condition I go, The thing is that for a friendly gesture I wanted to do to him he thought I was chasing him and I wanted a relationship and he told me "He was not interested in a relationship only to be friends" I wanted to mail him a Get well soon card to his house that was my gesture but he thought that was too forward for me to do it, cause I was looking for his home address without...
consulting him first.- I did that beause the ard was supposed to be surprise card so I could not ask him directly about it so I ask another person for his address, that he did not like me do it and he thought that by snooping his address for him, he had the idea I was chasing hi, m., that friendly act for him thought I liked him and I wanted more from him. But he forgot that when I first met him in a family trip, he stole a kiss from my mouth, he asked me to keep him company during one nite..
at the family trip that he had to sleep on a couch at the family home, he asked me can u stay here,. He wanted me to sleep in the other couch and he in other couch the whole nite, this was more forward than what I I did to him and I never thought or even question him that "ohh you are too forward you want something serious. The problem is that even though we no longer talk, see or keep in touch, I keep thinking about him and I wish to see him again..


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  • 7 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys www.selfgrowth.com/.../...Love_Bad_Boys_28607.html

    • I mean could it be in my particular case, he made me feel that finally a guy set his eyes on me and liked me? Cause I have never dated ever in my life nor I had bf{s either or even seeing guys on a steady way, this was the very first guy that made me feel that finally a guy liked me.

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    • Cool, then you will be ok.

    • But still I wish to see him again and talk to him in the same way we interact when we first met

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  • I never was and I never will be.


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