How to accept it's over and move on?

I love her so much,

I can't say how she actually feels, and she is seeing someone else...( I really thought she liked me, but she won't open up)

She didn't want to date and said we are only friends.

I see her laugh and smile everyday at work and it stings my heart.

I try to keep my distance, tell myself we but it still hurts :(

How can accept it's not meant to be?

It sucks, because to me she's the best girl in the world.


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  • First, accept that it's over. Feel the sadness but wish her the best, let out the sadness and focus on other things. You deserve peace and joy and someone who loves you for you.

    • I wanted it to be her...

      She's so beautiful... there's nothing like her smile, her laugh, her voice...

      She's the most attractive girl I have ever met... She is perfect for my DNA.

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    • I think it's closed off to loving... but that's besides the point...

      I know she is the most beautiful girl in this world, I will never find anyone more beautiful than her...

      I know I'm going in circles, my mind is not right... I just want the truth...

    • the truth is if she is really done, she should tell you and if she doesn't that isn't too beautiful

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  • First of all, stop making her the center of your world. The truth is that there are a lot of girls out there. Also, lots of people out there that this happens to. It's happened to me before where I even went on a few dates with one girl I really liked and she ended up with someone else. I kept wondering why I wasn't good enough for her or why she thought that. It'll take time but one day, you'll forget about her. As of now, if you really like her, just be her friend.

    • Omg that's like me. I felt like crap, not good enough... but I'm a bit better now, trying to accept we are not compatible.

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  • Realizing first that it's okay to move on will be the hardest part.

  • Try and distract yourself


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