How do I make first move? I like the best friend of my sister?

I've liked her for quite some time, and my sister knows that, but I want to express my feelings personally. She is 2 years younger than me and goes in same High School as me (and my sister (they are not in the same class)). We spoke a few times, but conversations were insignificant. Should I speak to her in the school and ask her on a date or should I start facebook conversation with her now (while I am on vacation) or should I do something totally different. I am open for suggestions and any advice.


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  • Approach her and ask her on a date. It's better to do so face to face

    • I know it is better face to face, but still, asking her on a date before I even talked to her. That might be a hard NO.

    • Oh, you haven't even talked to her face to face? I assumed that you do since it's your sister's friend. Do you think it's possible that your sis might help you out in the process of getting to know her better?

    • Well, I've talked to her for like 3times (conversation couldn't have been shorter) in total and they know each other for 5years. I know a lot about her since in last week or two, she is my main topic when I talk to my sister.

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  • Ok, you have to be careful here. I would ask your sister if her friend may like you back or not. I would also ask your sister if she would be cool with it. If she doesn't feel the same, it will be awkward all the time, and your sister may become mad at you too because now this girl may not want to come over anymore.

    • We joke about it sometimes and she seems okay with it. And about my sister being mad, it is not a likely scenario, we have a big house and even when she comes over, I rarely see her, unless I want to.
      And neither I nor my sister knows anything about her feelings for me, they never talked about that directly.

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    • @truthbeknowm

    • @lil_Wítch Yes. We grew out of that phase and we are good now.

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