Do we really have to be therapists to date girls?

I don't understand why this girl I see in uni asks me for advice continuously. I do like her, and I think she does too. However, when she tells me about her problems with her brother and how she sucks in her academics, it kinda turns me off. Is she trying to vent so I can be a therapist for free? Or what's the deal? She still gets physical with me and all..

What do y'all think, is she trying to get closer to me by venting or she is just doing that to get my attention if so how to react?


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  • i think she likes you, trusts you, and sees you as being a rock for her. i think she wants to be closer to you and she wants you to care about her and what goes on in her life. i love it when i can ask a guy i like for advice and he actually cares and wants to help.

    • Damn, you nailed it I swear I feel like that but I'm hesitant too much affection at the beginning is gonna turn her off especially that we still haven't gone on a date, but we will soon

    • You don't have to be... her Oprah. Lol. You can listen and show her that you care without overdoing it too soon. You're right, too much affection all at once can be a turn off for some girls, so it's safer to take it slow- but not too slow such that she wonders if you give a damn at all.

    • Hahaha yes I agree, thanks a bunch

  • No but girls just like to have a guy who WANTS to listen to their stories. They want someone who's interested in their personality or in her life and someone who's just interested in their body

    • I'm hoping this is the truth thanks😃

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