Guy asked to hangout but never followed through with plans. Why?

This guy I went on a date with twice asked to hangout after two months. We agreed to hangout over the weekend but he never said which day. So I texted him Friday asking what up.. he said he wasn't doing anything. So I suggested we hangout. He asked where and I said I don't know have any ideas? He said he has no ideas and I replied same there's nothing to do and he ended the conversation with an lol. Hasn't texted me back since. Does this mean he's. not interested? I'm confused getting mixed signals. he flirts sometimes and comments if I put a new picture up on Facebook. Should I forget him? Is the a red flag he's a fuckboy?
I should say I did give him a suggestion later on and he said he already went there with his friends on that day. I don't understand he shows interest but he doesn't have the motivation. He's not shy and very outgoing. I'm thinking he's just playing and isn't interested. What do you think?


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  • I think he isn't interested in taking the lead. If you like him enough, come up with a plan before asking if he is free. As a guy it is real annoying when a girl initiates wanting to hang out but doesn't have any ideas.

    • I gave him a suggestion later on and he said he already went there with his friends today.

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    • Yeah you're right

    • Thanks for your answer and let me just say he turned out to be a fuckboy. I will definitely forget him now.

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  • he's probably not interrested if he don t text you or start a conversarion it's better to forget him


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  • He's not reliable


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