Is it okay to send a message email to a girl you haven't talked to yet but that you see often?

As in someone that's in class with you... Just in the idea of establishing contact and talk later not to creep virtually. If so what would you said?


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  • I would try to contact her and ask her if you can email her sometime, as to not creep her out when she gets your email and wonders who you are. Its ok to say, "Hi, i'm so-and-so. I've seen you around and wanted to talk to you, but I never got the chance to do so. Just wanted to get to know you :)" if you truly want to email her, but it would have to depend on how you got the email and also how well she knows you, she may be oblivious that you exist, but if you wave to her here and there, it will establish a contact, not physically, but enough for her to know who you are if you mention it in the email. Hope this helps :)

  • do you mean a text? or an actual email?


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