I have never talked to my boyfriend in person?

Hey, so I'm 17 and I'm in high school! Recently I had this guy started messaging me. I have seen him around school but we've never talked. We messaged for a couple days and when he saw me at school he acted like I wasn't even there! I assumed that he was over the thought of me but he kept texting me! He asked me to be his girlfriend the other day over text and said he really liked me. I said yes, we still haven't talked in person and I can tell he's getting bored of me. I think he only sees me for my looks because he's always asking for pictures of my legs and mirror pics. He's never asked for a nude but I can tell his mind may be in the gutter. What should I do? Talk to him in person? I'm a girl I'm to scared to say something first. Or should I end it with him? If you have any other suggestions for how I should treat this situation please let me know? Help me?


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  • From a relationship coaching lens, I have two basic pieces of advice.

    1) End it with him. Not even a question. Actions speak louder than words and so all of the texts (words) and requests for pics tell you he has no substance with you.
    2) Do not reengage him in discussion unless he says he wants to talk in person.

    I know this was short and sweet but I can't be more clear in my advice here.

    • What should I say to him over text so that I can end it?

    • Something as simple as: (Name) I don't see where this relationship is going. I'm ending it. If you ever want to talk in person, we can do that. Take care.

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  • If I were you I would actually try to talk to him in person. I don't understand how can you keep messaging each other while you haven't even talked in person.


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  • End it. plain and simple. He is just playing around

    • What should I say to him to end it over text?

    • Just say "Hey i think you're just playing around with me and not looking for anything serious. So please dont text me" bam done

  • 17, but posing as a 35 year old. Why?


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