Should I Still like him? should I be getting jealous?

•should I still like him•
So Gavin is my crush but he messes with too many girls and flirts even though he has a girlfriend. We both turn 13 on Friday tho and I'm trying to get over him cause all he does is ask me for my answers most of the time and I used to really like him but then I realized I wouldn't have a chance with him...

•Should I be getting jealous•?
He's not my property or anything but everytime I see him flirt with girls it drives me crazy? How can I stop being jealous over something I know I can't have please help!!😐🙄


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  • He isn't yours. That should be motive enough. Try to hang out with other guys, find one you like. Stop giving him answers , let him use his own brain. All in all just avoid him because clearly he is taken and even if he wasn't he doesn't bring anything good to the table.


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