Why did he check up on me then not reply?

I've had a thing with this guy for a little over a month and lately we've been getting into a few fights and we also haven't seen each other in weeks so we kinda just started drifting apart and we don't text as often as we used to either. A few days ago, he was acting salty cuz he thought I started talking to someone else but I told him I wasn't. He was being an asshole about it. I ended up telling him that I was gonna leave for California on this day, and We had a short convo about something else then he stopped replying. Today, I drove to Vegas (cuz it's on my way to California) and he texted me out of no where saying "hey just wanted to check up on you how's California?" I didn't respond right away but when I did I said "oh I stopped at Vegas for the night but it's great" and the second i sent the message he read it, but didn't reply. Whyyyyy lol also, he never looks at my story but has been looking at every single one since I left


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  • Why do guys do that! It's frustrating they seem as they don't care but then start acting the way they do like they care. I feel like they make you waste time! I wouldn't text him back if wait for him to message you. I feel like they want to settle but they can't.


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