How to find a good military man?

My best friend meet a amazing guy who after 3 month of dating he joined the military and after basic Training he came back and proposed on Christmas and they got married a month ago now she's in hawaii and so happy with there life

I've always wants that I've always wanted to date and marry a military guy and travel with him and start a family with him just like my grandma but I'm having a hard time meeting nice military guys so far I've only meet military guys who only just want sex (I've always lived by bases even in college (not on purpose))

How can i meet military guys who actually want a serious relationship


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  • Pretty sure there's a dating site specifically for people who want to date military folks. I also know quite a few military folks (including my brother) who use free dating sites like Plenty of Fish and OKcupid. As far as knowing which ones are serious... that would be an issue in dating regardless of whether he is military or not.


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  • Girls like you make me cringe.
    You WANT do date one? Well here's a taste of what a military relationship is like (because I'm in one):
    - Always knowing in the back of your mind he can get sent anywhere and any given moment.
    - Not spending important holidays or birthdays together (I didn't get to celebrate Valentines day with my bf).
    - Time differences that suck ass.
    - Long distance. Don't get in a military relationship if you NEED him with you all the time. You have to be independent.
    - His work schedule is never set in stone. Don't plan trips.
    - Not talking for weeks or months because he's somewhere with no reception
    - Girls like you giving the rest of us a bad name by "looking for a military man" AKA "dependapotomus" - look it up.
    - People assuming you're a slut and a cheater because he's away all the time.
    and tons more.
    I didn't know he was in the military when I met him, but by continuing to date him I knew what I was signing up for.

    ALSO, the people who get married right away are doing it for the benefits. They're not really in love or ready for marriage.

    • I know what a military relationship takes being that most of my female family members marry into the military I'm i independent girl i can handle myself and i honestly don't give 2 fucks about the benefits i have my own shit and money i just like military men even though i mostly date nerdy gamers

    • Also I'm not a "dependapotomus" I enjoy working and i could really travel on my own and i would hate being a stay at home mom that sound awful

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  • I'm in the military. Best places would be near a base like close to Fort Bragg (NC) Fort Campbell (KY) or maybe Fort Bliss (TX). I don't know but it seems like we're more likely to get married and at an earlier age. You'll find a private looking to share his BAH & Tricare if you're close to a base.

    • I have no clue what bah or tricare is but I guess I'll try to go to places near the base by my house more often

  • Move to a military area. For example, one good place is the Virginia Beach area.

  • At church probably. Be warned a military wife is not for everyone. Deployments can last up to a year, many wives cheat as soon so their husbands leave or divorce half way through. It takes real commitment and mental toughness to be a military wife.


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  • There are a lot of them on POF site. I see them all the time on there.

  • friends of friends?

    • Well its hard to do that since my bestie lives in hawaii and is the only person i know that knows military guys and she said she'll look

    • go visit her and see what happens...

    • Just lost my job trying to save money but i want to hopefully i go for my birthday week

  • Military divorce rates are astronomical. You sure about that?

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