Guys, Do I reschedule or do I wait for him?

Im sort of seeing this guy, we started off as friends but have been sleeping with each other, I think we both want more than just friends with benefits. He's invited me to Thanksgiving with him, he's invited me out with his friends twice and this week he asked if i wanted to go to a concert 3 months away with him, i said yes and that same day he says he has a friend's bday party Saturday and they're going to a bar or club, can i bother you to come out with us? I said "yes id love to go with you, what time?" he said they're not sure but ill let you know.

Saturday rolls around I don't hear from him ALL day. So by 9pm I make other plans with friends. I get a text at 11;40pm saying "Dont think I forgot about you, we're heading to this bar" I dont see it for over an hour and I said "Damn, Wish i knew sooner, im out with friends"

2 days later I see him at the gym we both go to and he apologizes and understands why i couldnt come out & explains why he texted so late & realized it was a mistake and we commence flirting. I want to see him this weekend, can I tell him "hey so Im sorry I couldnt come out Saturday, but Id really like to see you this weekend?" or is it up to him to ask me out and make another plan or does it not matter? I know it may sound like a stupid question, but I haven't dated in years I was in a relationship so Im really rusty. Thanks!


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  • Nothing wrong with you asking


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