Is he seeing other girls?

This guy and I have been dating for a month. I can tell he's into me, but there are some red flags that are making me cautious about investing in him emotionally: (1) When we meet and talk about what we did during the week, he's cagey. He'll either joke around or be extremely vague about what he did ("chilled," "napped," "hung out with the fam," etc.). (2) He's on Facebook, but neither of us has added the other (no relationship status visible). (3) He's described himself as a "toxic" person. (4) He said the girls from his last relationships would probably talk about him like he's the worst relationship they've had. When I asked him to explain, he didn't elaborate. (5) When I invite him to hang out with me and my best friend (granted, my best friend is a guy, but he knows we're platonic), he always declines.

At the same time, I know he's very picky about who he hangs out with and doesn't like most people. He hates crowds/social events. He also insists on paying for all of our dates and doesn't have an issue being out in public with me. He hasn't kissed me yet (don't think I'd let him with how little I currently trust him, honestly) but he's flirtatious. What are your thoughts? Is there any way of confronting him about this? I'm at a stage where I wouldn't be hurt if I found out he already had a girlfriend - I'm not invested and I don't even know if I like him just yet.


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  • How can you "date" a guy for a month and not even know if you like him yet?
    It doesn't sound like he's done anything wrong or untrustworthy. If you haven't even kissed him, he has every right to see other girls and no inbligation to tell you. Just as you have every right as well. Just ask him where he sees you and him going and if he's seeing other girls as well. Any honest answer he gives is ok and not necessarily a reason to stop seeing him. I probably would have asked these things already but I'm sure I'd have known if I liked him or not and kissed him prior to a month of "dating" too.

  • Sounds like red flags all over. It's only been 1 month and you've already started doubting that you can trust him. You know the answer but you blindly turn the other cheek. If he brings up his exes saying that they'll all say he's bad but won't elaborate. TED FLAG. He treated them like shut or cheated most likely.
    He's vague.. he hasn't kissed you yet. The fb status I wouldn't bring social media in just yet. I know it's a common thing these days but don't let that be anything. The other signs are just no. I would talk to him and if you still can't trust him, I would get out before you find out something else or he hurts you.


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