So me and my girlfriend broke up and on the same day she said she wants to start all over again, is she stringing me along?

So me and my girlfriend were fighting for sometime, especially when we talked through text. I admit, it was due to some insecurities i had and maybe some things she did. But the thing is, the same day we broke up she said she didn't want to lose me and that we should start all over. Now, she's shown me previously that she's there for me, eceb offered to help me with some problems i wanted to help my family with. she's been there for me a lot of times. But i also know she's not the type of girl that likes talking to other girls because of their "nastiness" and prefers to talk anime and video games witg guys. Thing is, most of those guys like her. That was one of my insecurities. Yes, i want to get back with her. And this whole week I've been reflecting upon myself and what i did wrong. And i trust her and all but i also dont want tobe strung along and end up hurt. So i really dont know what to do, or how to play this out. I dont want to lose her either, but i understand the reality of the world and if i have to let her go then... thats what ill do. But i find her to be wonderful... so i dont know. What do you people think?


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  • She might be


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