Guys, is this a stupid question to ask a guy?

I can tell this guy has lost interest in me so I wanna be blunt and ask him why... I'm just curious why guys lose interest in me. I never ask but I wanna know now.

Would you think it was lame if a girl asked you this? And would you answer her honestly?


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  • Well, unless you can read minds asking is the best way to find out. Don't expect an honest answer though, guys tend to be cowards when put in the situation you are considering and start white lying left and right. Guys generally lose interest because we like variety. The same girl gets boring ( ie a relationship loses it's spark putting it nicely), it's just a matter of when. Fickle = a matter of hours. Doesn't mind monotony = maybe a decade or 2 (actually quite rare). Most are in the middle of those extremes (weeks to several months before we get bored). As an example in a perfect world I'd be bedding a different girl every weekend since vaginas are like snow flakes, no 2 are the same and I like pleasant surprises. I doubt I'm alone in that mentality. And if a girl asked me that I'd probably tell her so, that I was already acquainted with her pussy enough to where it didn't surprise me or excite me as much as it did at first anymore. No one has ever asked though, they assumed as much after I simply ghosted them (which is far easier since it avoids drama, possibly making her cry right in front of you, etc).


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