To what extend do you agree with the following statement: Women care about a guy's personality, not his looks?

Vote which one is closest to how you feel about this statement

I have heard multiple times that women do not care about a guy's appearance, but rather his personality. But I don't believe it. I don't understand how or why anybody could be in a relationship with somebody they did not find attractive.

I have noticed some very sloppy, unattractive men with stunning women though- and not rich men either.

Are women less visual then men? More visual than men? Or does all of it depend on the woman?

  • I strongly agree with this statement
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  • I strongly disagree with this statement
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  • I am not sure how I feel about this statement
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  • I would like to see how other people feel about this statement
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  • I believe the statement is sometimes true and sometimes not
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  • I believe the statement is oversimplified
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  • I believe it depends on the woman
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What Girls Said 2

  • A man's personality strongly plays into how attractive a woman deems him to be. So if a guy is average looking but is playing with puppies, our panties will drop. We'll find him way hotter than a good-looking guy who's acting like a douche. That doesn't mean that we'll fall for any troll with a good personality, there are limits, but personality plays a bigger role for women than men in how attractive we perceive someone to be.
    We're def less visual than men.

  • since women are more emotional than physical with men, personality takes up a larger amount of attraction. however, you should be attracted to the guy your with physically, because any physical contact won't be to your liking. it's just a matter of finding a nice balance.


What Guys Said 1

  • in my experience its a 60-40.
    Women date more based on personality.

    Women fuck more based on looks though. Kinda like guys... you might not date that hot crazy bitch, but youd sure bang her. Well same for fgirls and hot douches.

    • I guess that makes sense. If your sole intention is sex, you'll want to be with a partner who gives you a good sexual experience. And that includes looks.

    • Yeah hot people do have it better in the sex department :D

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