Mixed signals and now I'm completely confused if he wants more or I'm a booty call?

So I met a guy off of tinder. Well I knew him from primary school and high school but fast forward 10 years he swiped right, I swiped right and boom we decided to catch up for a few beers and a game of pool. He dropped me off home and we've been talking randomly everyday through msgs, snapchat etc. but never anything too deep and yeah there's been a bit of sexual stuff. But if he's teasing me he's used the word mate once or twice. But sends me a good night message with a kiss at the end of it. We've gone out a few times since then (he works away so he's only back every couple of weeks) and I've ended up at his for the night afterwards. I'm just confused because he's shy so he doesn't really give to much away. He's asked if we can go out for dinner and a hotel next time (his house has paper thin walls) and now I'm wondering if I'm a booty call or not..


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  • I was about to read and provide a more in depth response but I ran out of Scotch, and the keyword "Tinder" struck my brain. As such I will say this. What do you expect out of "Tinder"? Last time I checked "Tinder" is still a hookup app for young singles and milfs/dilfs with money and stuff who want fresh girls/guys.


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  • You need to discuss it with him. None of us can be sure about his intentions.


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