Will she ever forget her Ex?

Im a confident guy with average looks and average height , a good sense of humor.
She is involved with me, she does a lot of touching but I feel she is not fully with me.

Her Ex was - really good looking cute guy, tall, rich, good sense of humor, cool type of dude, and I feel I just dont have her complete heart and she still tries to get his attention.

Will she ever forget her Ex?

  • No, she won't forget her Ex, That's the reality.
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  • Yes, she will forget her Ex, hang on!!!
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  • She will only forget her Ex if a guy like him who is good looking, rich, funny comes along Otherwise she will always compare all guys to her Ex and the Ex will usually win.
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  • Other ( I want to give my opinion myself )
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It will Not matter What you Look like or What you are all about Here dear, if she is Hooked on the Past who may have been More or less a Blast. It's Called "Her Heart from the Start."
    If these Feelings are still Surfacing, there is Not much you can Do but Try and Get her to Forget the Ex who may still Mark an X in her Softie Spot, even if you are Drop Dead Gorgeous and Real Hot.
    Other than that, go Slow, Joe, and Nurse and Nurture a Potential Something Special.
    Good Luck. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • some people are stupid and refuse to move on... each person is different.


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What Girls Said 3

  • if she's on to you, she's already forgotten her ex, but she hasn't forgotten her best friend that he was. or she's like me... I'm tired of the guy I'm involved with talking about his ex and not giving his heart completely to me so I just mention my ex every time he mentions his!! I'm childish maybe like that and maybe you're doing something to cause her to prevent what you want and for some reason instead of recognizing what you are doing you choose to wrongly think it's the ex.

  • How long has she been broken up for her ex and who broke it off?
    I tried dating a few months ago, someone who was better looking than my ex and I was still talking to him about my ex... that's when I realise I needed more time!
    Time is a great healer because you eventually forget and move on. It could be ages though...
    A few months after I really rebounded, luckily they weren't that involved with me, I just ended up kissing loads of guys in pubs, not sleeping with them or anything. Just be sure she's over him before you consider a relationship with her.

    • Actually the guy was the one who dumped her, she acts slutty after this.
      She also flirts with a bunch of dudes after she broke up with ex

  • it's take a time. it's better if you talk about what you feel with her, but don't push her. ex mean someone who had been in love with us in the PAST.

    if you really serious with her, show it.


What Guys Said 1

  • It may take a long time. Its best to move on. Find someone else if You can

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