How late do you leave it to confirm a date?

I have been chatting with a guy off match. com for a few weeks and this weekend we are supposed to meet up.

Last week he said he really wanted to see me in person. I asked him when he was free. He said how about not the weekend just gone, this weekend coming. I told him it was perfect and that because he lives in another city, he could show me the sights. He seemed really keen and was telling me places we should go etc.

We have been in communication quite a bit since then, but no mention of this weekend. I am travelling to him for this first "meet."

Do I text him to confirm the date with it now being Wednesday and not having any firm plans (because I'm going to travel so need to decide if bus, train or car is best)


Do I let him text me details?

(or is there another option here?)

I forgot to add to this that the has never really seen anything other than keen!


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  • Don't be afraid to confirm the morning of as well.

    • Do you think I should drop him a text saying is everything still ok for the weekend? Will that come across as too needy?

    • No it will not come across as needy, just mention if you guys are still good for the weekend and see what he says. I personally hate having my time wasted. Good luck.

    • Thank you. Yeah he didn't strike me as a time waster.

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  • Simply ask him Today, for it is Wednesday, nearly the Weekend, if you Both plan on Meeting up this Weekend?
    Perhaps he has his own Reasons of the Shy Seasons, in thinking you Might bow out. Some guys are Like this when it is a First time Possible "Hit and Miss."
    Good Luck. xx

    • Thank you!

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    • I just hope he's being shy or has been busy/is a last minute planner kind of guy!

    • If he is staying in text touch, it is a good sign that he is not ignoring you. xx

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