Girls, if you knew you could make beautiful children with a guy, would that be enough reason for you to date him?

even if you weren't planning on having kids anytime soon?


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  • Guys have an expression: "For every good looking girl walking down the street, there's a guy somewhere who is tired of fucking her." I would guess that girls have a similar expression.

    • Isn't that from a tv show or something?

    • It may have been on some TV show at some time, but I've been hearing that for the past 50 years.

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  • No it wouldn't. Just because we would have beautiful children isn't a reason to date someone. Also whoever you have children with they will always be beautiful to you

    • I agree, but come on, everybody wants to have objectively good looking children.

  • No I wouldn't. I'd have to actually love the person and have a connection with them.

    • I understand. Then would it be enough reason for you to go on one date with him? You know, to see if there's a connection there?

    • You there?

  • No Lmfao

    • Why not?

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    • You would, if you knew who I was. I'm a better catch than your boyfriend. women objectively agree.

    • Oh you know my BF? How's he doing?

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  • Hahahaa sick...

    • Have you ever thought about adopting a kid with a gay guy?

    • I did... but your father says it would break your mother's heart if you knew the truth!