What is your advice for dating a female friend? I'm going to try a few dates with her to see how things go? Any advice how to see her more sexually?

I'm going to try a going on a few dates with my female friend who recently told me that she has had a crush on me for a few years. She just told me after I broke up with my ex girlfriend. We talked and She said that if I feel that we won't work out that we can go back to being best friend. My problem is that I'm not romantically attracted to her and I don't see her in a sexual way. She has basically been in my sister zone for 4 years and I'm not sure if I can change the way I think about her. How can I try to build my attraction for her?
Also please don't suggest I have sex with her. Were both waiting until were married for moral and religious reasons.
Wow really no comments? I thought that there would be at least a few. Any one want to comment for an easy MHO?
Harray people commented thanks for the advice. I hope that there are a few more comments to come.


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  • If you are not romantically attracted to her and you don't see her in a sexual way, give up. You don't really want her and it's better to be single, rather than being with someone you don't consider attractive. It's not fair for both of you.

    • I agree
      Though my female friend really wants to try it out anyways. She says that the attraction will grow. Like it did for our mutual married friend Dave and Karen.

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  • I did this with a friend of mine about 3 years ago. Basically, we hing out, we went on dates, did couple things, no sex for the same reasons. We dated for about 5 or 6 months, I realized that she's at the wants to marry me stage and I was getting no where, great friend but nothing more. We broke it up and are still good friends, better friends even, for it. I figured, I liked her enough to be at least willing to try it.

    • Aw thanks for sharing your story with me Oberon.๐Ÿ™‚ Personally at this point I think the same thing will happen to us. At least I hope that I will get to keep her as a friend after.

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  • Are you waiting till marriage for -any- sexual act?

    Can you describe her body type?

    And blunt question - do you look at porn? Yes there's a reason i'm asking lol

    • Well for waiting it depends. We have not talked about that line and Im not sure how far that I would go seeing as how she is very pretty. I don't really see myself with her sexually.
      Her body type is on the skinny side with rather big boobs รง cup.- tmi while I was the only guy at an all girl table a few times. I learned not to do that and stopped doing that after the time they talked about periods all through lunch one day. She is 5'6 140 with a small but.

      As for the blunt question not really. I prefer errotica cause I enjoy having a story with it. Two poeple just stripping and fucking does nothing for me.

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    • What makes you 'romantically' like someone? Because it seems like you've turned it very abstract, and stripped the sexual passion -out- of it. So what is it you're looking for? And how do you actually imagine that carrying over into marriage? A good marriage actually involves a fair bit of stripping and fucking when the kids are finally asleep before you fall asleep because you both get up early... that or it goes near sexless, fast.

    • I think that you took what I said to far. There is attraction and then there is lust. With my female freind she is a 10/10 but I see her more like a hot sister. Not just a hot female freind. I kind of see her like my friends wife. Sure she is hot but not for me. I can't touch her. Now I need to change my way of thinking of her. Cause now she is open, and I can go after her, and she wants me. Part of me not looking for sex is probably cause I'm still a bit down from my ex. She took more of my heart with her than I originally thought.
      As for what makes me romantically like someone. I'm not sure. Cause I have not really noticed that I have a type that I go for it seems kind of random.
      As for after the honeymoon. I'll be free to strip her and to take her however and whenever we want.
      Anyways I have a date with her tomorrow morning. Were going to an amusement park and we both enjoy rollercoasters so plenty of time for me to get used to being close and more touchy with her.

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