I was happier single but I love her very much?

When I was single I wanted to be with this girl and now we've been together for about 5 months. I love her very very much and I'm glad she's my girlfriend but I'm happier when I was single. Being in a relationship, I'm jealous and scared she's bored of me, I'm scared that her "I love you" is empty. I feel sad all the time where as when I was single, I was always happy. How do I get happy again? I love her and I don't want to break up with her.


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  • you have to get that one on your own I am sure you have no reason to worry

    • I know, me and my girlfriend now we're just friends for 7 years and then we dated and it didn't work and then now dating and like I said we're about 5 months in and I guess the jealousy part is that that I'm scared she's gonna dump me again even tho I know she won't. I love her like crazy and I know she's the one for me, and we talk about our future but I don't know.

    • what is it you don't know? what are you so unsure about with your GF? if your sure she's the one then that sounds like a good thing right? I'm sorry I'm a little confused. has she cheated before? does she give you reasons to think like that?

    • Well the first time we dated, she broke up with me because she said she didn't have the same feelings as I did, and then she went and dated other guys. And she broke up with them quick. I'm just afraid that she's going to move on quick. Also when we were just friends, once we were talking about dating and we started to get close with each other and then all of a sudden she was like "oh by the way I'm talking to this other guy I met on instagram, just telling you so you don't get the wrong idea". I know we were talking because we would often talk about us in a relationship and about going on dates and stuff.

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  • Sounds like you're insecure.
    You need to ask yourself:
    Who am I jealous of?
    Do I trust her? If not why? (If there's no evidence that she's cheating on you then she probably isn't and it's all in your head)
    Why not ask her, what it is she loves about you? You tell her why you love her. You need to find the source of this fear or jealousy though, it might be all in your head.

  • How do you become happy again? Stop being so paranoid.


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