Do other guys have a hard time finding dates?

recently every time I ask for a girls number I normally get it, but the catch is, is that when I call them they never answer so nothing ends up happening.and its not like I call them right away I normally wait a day and a half. I feel like this is only happening to me so I just wanted to know if this is happening to anybody, or if they've heard of this happening a lot. my other questions are does anybody have trouble becoming friends with some girls, friends meaning you call each other, you might see a movie or what not, but not acquaintances. also how many of you guys have a hard time finding dates, either in the past or present.


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  • I used to have this problem. I think the way to fix it is to build up a good relationship with them for around 10 mins, then ask for the number at the end, and leave. You want them to want to know more about you, so when the call comes you can continue this relationship. In the end it really is about practice, trial and error. You'll get there. And if you were wondering, I usually call 2 days later, not later than that. It's just one call. If you miss them, leave a message and they can call back.

  • Wow! Great question.. your not alone. I wish there were girls here to answer this because I am in the same boat as the question asker and I really would like to know why too. Is it because we are boring or you lost interest already. Are we just not your type, etc?

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