I asked her out and it was awkward. What's going on now?

I met this girl in January at uni. We only talked for 15mins and she left a really good impression. Since then we talked on Facebook every once in a while and we decided to start a radio at the uni in an old studio.

We gathered some people but none of them are available so we discussed that maybe it just won't happen and there won't be a meeting this week. Couple minutes later she asked me if I have 30 mins for a coffee on Monday. I said yes and we met, we talked about the radio, journalism and a lot of different stuff. We were together for like an hour and I think we both felt good. I don't think it was a date but who knows...

Since then we talked a lot about the same things and she showed me an article she wrote. Today I asked her out subtly, I was like "do you feel like coming to that event on friday?" Her answer was: "well, yeah, I'm gonna be there anyway, or will another event take place? :)" So I ended up telling her if she feels like she can join my coworkers and I at the event to play off the awkwardness. She still hasn't responded even though she read my message.

What do you think?


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  • Maybe she doesn't want to be there


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  • Wait till after this event and see how she responds. So far nothing is date related since it is all about this event and planning.


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