Why do I need to plan everything and I worry about everything. Constant anxiety. Please help?

I am 21 today and she is 19. We dated for going on 3 years and split up in November and are now hanging out again and things are going great. I am a naturally anxious person. I moved into an apartment with some room mates that are good friends and things are going well. She stays the night often and what not but I have some issues... I plan and worry about everything. I always want to know what days she is sleeping over and stuff just so I know. Sometimes it's a relief to not hangout so that I can just hangout with my room mates but then I worry about what she's going to do or if she's bored. She says it's totally fine we don't hangout and I know it is but I still worry so much. Or like on the nights she's not doing anything I feel obligated to invite her over even though it's nice to sleep alone. Like Friday I am going to drink with some friends and I'm worried what she will do or if she's bored ya know? I end up feeling bad and it makes it hard to enjoy my night. But if she goes with her family or I know she's occupied then I'm fine. I hate having to know everything right now. Like what days she wants to hangout even if she doesn't know. She gets frustrated with me cause I'll ask a million times but I just worry and constantly want to know and have things planned out ya know? What can I do. This drives me crazy.


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  • I don't think there is a way to stop your anxiety. You claim that you are a naturally anxious person, which means that's the way you have always been ever since you were a child.
    You can only control your reactions to it. If you look overly worried all the time and if you constantly ask her a lot about that, that will definitely piss her off.


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  • A relationship isn't your style. You're not ready. It'll just destroy you.
    Wait until you've gotten older.
    It's the truth ;(

    • Well I love her very much and I'll do anything to make it work. What is going on with me?

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