As a short guy should I tell a girl from Tinder or another type of dating app my height before meeting her?

I'm 5'5 or 5'6 at the age of 18 turning 19. Should I tell girls my height before I meet them so that they are aware and so that it's not awkward in case she's taller expecting a taller guy, especially since I'm black?


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  • Should a girl on tender tell you she is fat?


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  • i can't understand why would anyone have problem with your height... wow , girls this days , huh?

    • I know man it's what I have to deal with all the time.

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  • Yes you should, it's not good being dishonest. I told one of my dates that I didn't have flat stomach and he was fine with that.

    • It's not being dishonest I never lied and said I was tall. I just know how shallow a lot of girls are about short guys which is acceptable in society but judging somebody on not having a flat stomach or being fat isn't socially acceptable.

  • Yes. She will find out when you meet her anyways. If she is uncomfortable with your height then she isn't for you. she has to like for who you are

    • How do I bring that up in conversation?

    • Ask her how tall shemail is and go from there and if she mind dating short guys

    • Okay thanks

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  • if they ask just tell them. no big deal