I keep rejecting girls because of my past. Why do they always think I am looking forward into a relationship?

So during these last years a lot of girls/women have asked me out or let me notice that they are interested in me but I end up rejecting all of them because I just don't want to be in a relationship.

I love to hang out with them most of the time but I just don't see myself functioning well in a relationship. In any to be clear. They also tease me sexually and I just don't react to it as much as they would expect.

I've been damaged by my past because of a horrible skin problem and now that I no longer have it, I can't overcome the damage it did to me. I tried fixing it with professionals but I can't. No girl was interested in me back then when I had that problem so now I just don't give 2 shits in that sense.
Does anybody know a movie about this kind of scenario?


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  • So what? People give a shit about appearance. I am pretty sure that even in the past -when you had the skin problem-, you wouldn't be eager to date an unattractive woman. I hate it when people are hypocrites about that. I mean, they think it's shallow when chicks reject them due to their appearance, yet they don't consider it shallow when they reject ugly women.

    • I would date a girl with skin problems today. Not fat because it's the opposite lifestyle of what I do.

    • Still. You are shallow about something, yet you expect people not to be shallow about your own condition. We are all shallow to some extent, you have to realize that.

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  • They see u as attractive and most probs don't know about ur past it's not their fault they like you mate


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