Would you be with this kinda guy?

Hey ladies and girls! Would you mind dating, being in a relationship or marrying a guy who has had many hookups throughout college?


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  • That seriously depends. If he recognizes the negative results that that lifestyle builds into you, and the lack of restraint, I would consider it.

    If he looked back and felt no regret from it, or if he views it as okay to do, I would not consider any sort of relationship. It would make me view him as a potential cheater, as he has made a habit from jumping one sexual partner to the next. It shows me he is focused on satisfying his physical needs more than his long-term emotional and mental needs. It shows he didn't have the willingness to take time to put into one person (as in, a long-term relationship).

    What he's done is created a habit of moving on to the next girl when he's satisfied with her body, and I wouldn't want to feel that once he's bored of me, he'd move on to the next.

    If he recognized and was able to communicate the unhealthiness of this behavior I would be much more open to a relationship.


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