When do you call it quits on a perusing a woman?

I have been on/off in a relationship with a woman i met over a year ago now.
It has been off and on because her babies dad trys to convince her that it is going to work, then she tells me that they argue infront of the kids every time.
I keep telling her not to go back cause he's only doing it to make her un happy.
He dosent want to see her happy.
He think she's worthless and usless (stupid also)
I love her tho, which im kinda in over my head.
When she is with me things are well, until that nimrod tries to get her back ruins it all.
I had an argument with her about it and almost got stranded hundreds of miles from my home.
At first she was like you need to find your own way home, then said she would bring me back and her brother would drive me up.
Got mad cause i asked her why i can't drive and she said she wanted someone else too so they can just drop me off and keep going.
Well get to our apartment she and her sister had to use the bathroom... smh
Left some of her clothes at my place.
Told me "something to think about if we get back together in the future"
Then called me last Friday night asking where i was and wanted to come see me.
BUt i was on my way home to see my parents.
Damn if i would of stayed i could of seen her and now i have not talked to her in a week.
I really miss her and wonder if she thinks about me.
She only wanted me also and nobody else.
Is it worth fighting for or am I blind that there maybe someone better for me out there?
I hear my phone ring and hope its her.
I dream about her.
She has told me before that even though it seems like she dont miss me that she thinks about me all the time, but i wonder if thats true cause if she did she wouldn't be there. She would be with me.


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  • It's not worth it. I wouldn't get involved in that drama if I were you. But that's just me.


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  • I would of called it quits 6 months ago no matter how much I was into her.


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