Do you think this is being too forward?

A guy I've been talking to for a month we started talking again after some time of not talking and he wanted to meet on the day we started talking again and I told him I couldn't and he kept persisting, he said he is going to be busy for the next couple of weeks and probably won't have time to meet up. He says 2 weeks is too long to wait. He also said sponatenious (I can't spell lol) dates are fun and it can be but when you know the person. Not first dates in my opinion


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  • Smells fishy. Just be careful.


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  • Because of how pushy he seems, I'd say yes- it is too forward in my opinion.
    If you've only talked with him for a month, and don't know him well, or know him prior, I wouldn't jump to going out with him at his convenience when he's free. If you have other things going on, or are busy yourself, don't let him pressure you to going on a date so soon.
    You can do a test, and see after those two weeks, if he wants to plan a day together. This way you'll get a sign he is interested in you enough to wait a while for an actual date, and it'll give you more time to talk with him and try to get a better sense of who he is.

    • He also said to go drive around town when we meet. Is that a bad sign?

    • If he's driving, yes.
      He wants to get you in his car and drive around town with you. That's a very wide term that can mean numerous things. I think this guys intentions are to meet up with you and go forward with a hookup. There's many places he can take you, even to hotels or private places out of the way, you never know.
      My impression of this guy from what you've written is concerning.

      He is rushing to date you and pushing to spend time with you in person, giving you only a set day/time limit when he is available and clearly isn't interested in waiting around for you. If he was interested, he wouldn't be so much in a rush to get together asap. And wouldn't have brought up he'll be busy for two weeks... he's basically saying it's now or never.
      I would decline this guy if I were you. There's too many red flags.

      If you do choose to go, please be safe and avoid letting him get you into his car. You guys can walk around town, where there are other people and a far safer environment

    • Ok thank you !! Ill see how things go

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