If your partners ex was to message your boyfriend to meet up, would you message them to back off?

Hey everyone.

My boyfriend told me and showed me screenshot of his ex girlfriend wanting to meet up with him.

This ex girlfriend mentally and physically abused him. She knows that he is in a relationship with me and she had the gall of messaging him. I messaged her this:

"What Is your reason for messaging my bf? Please respect yourself".

Then she messaged him saying that he needs to tell her if he doesn't want to speak to her. I became angry and I called her. I left a voice mail saying that I wanted her to back off.

Was this justified.

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  • I mean... I'd have let him handle it himself...

    You came off as a little... intensely controlling and possessive?

  • Depends why they needed to meet up. They have a child together so if it was to discuss their child I'd have no problem with it.

    • No child together

    • I wouldn't of messaged her, I would of just told him to tell her he didn't want anything to do with her. And if she kept messaging and/ringing him I'd ask him to block her number

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