Am I a bad boyfriend if?

My girlfriend and I work at the same company. We don't live together and have different ways to get to each others homes.

I usually clock in early, as I am a morning person. She sometimes comes in early, but usually comes in later (our time in difference is about 2-4 hours apart).

So naturally, if I got in earlier, I usually head home earlier.
There are times that I wait for her, if the difference is just an hour or a few minutes - so we could have dinner together.

Question is, am I bad in a sense that I should also wait for her to get out?
Or that should NOT be expected of me?


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  • A few minutes or up to 30 mintes is ok.
    I wouldn't wait an hour after finishing work unless I had some shopping to do or it was either Friday or I had the next day off.
    Result: not a bad boyfriend.

  • I think its good to do it sometimes, if you have something you to do after it should be fine to go and do it. I would ask her how she feels ab it, she might not think anything of it


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