Do guys just approach girls when they are interested?

I've had self-esteem issues since I was younger because I've always been overweight, but lately I've been losing weight and feeling better about myself and much prettier. I still kind of feel like I fade into the background though when it comes to guys noticing me or trying to talk to me. I usually do things alone like study at coffee shops, go to stores, even some local venues I will just go to have a good time and I'm by myself. I've been told a lot that when a guy likes a girl he will just go for her, and my ex kind of had that personality too. He was really persistent talking to me and it was cute at the time, but I haven't really met anyone else besides him that's ever done this.

Do guys really go out of there way to talk to girls when they find them attractive? I'm trying to avoid getting back on dating app because I haven't had great experiences on those and I want to just meet someone "out there", but I don't know if its just me that I'm not being approached or if its just not something guys really do?


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  • It's hard for guys to do even when really interested since we don't like rejection, only some guys will be bold enough to do that


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  • oyyeee you were pretty then and pretty now it's all about the confidence you got showing. and sometimes guys won't approach you at the coffee shot or when you are studying because they don't want to interrupt you afraid you might be annoyed that they are talking to you, just be yourself and comfortable skin and when the right guy wants it he'll go for it.

    • Agree, I won't approach and bother a girl who is reading or studying... because sometimes I wouldn't want that to happen to me.

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