Guys, Is he still interested?

I'm in high school. I've dated kids before, but mostly extroverted people, the occasional introvert but they were a close friend so it made it easier to get close to them. Anyways, a boy from another school who will be coming to mine next year saw me preforming with the marching band. He ended up developing a crush on me, but according to his sister and aunt (who go to my school/work there) he's really shy. He ended up getting my number through a friend, and we started talking. After that he'd come up during games occasionally, and make small talk (since he's REALLY shy). The day after Valentine's Day he ended up asking me out, and on the first date we both had a really fun time. We were laughing the entire time and it was a very comfortable atmosphere. He even made mention afterwards about how much he was glad that he got to go out with me. Afterwards, we didn't text each other for two days, and when I finally gathered the nerve to talk to him through text, it was short. It's been a few days afterwards, and our conversations are short, usually with me being the last to respond. Is this because he's shy? Like REALLY shy? Or is he just no longer interested after one date? If it is because he's shy, how do I get the conversations to go on without seeming annoying? Note: He showed extreme signs of liking me, useing subtle compliments, constantly staring (very intensely), always keeping his body turned towards me, his pupils would expand every time I made eye contact, and his face would get red or flustered if I'd make eye contact and smiled, when he asked me out his literal words were "I REALLY like you. Like, not as the friend way, but the affection way. I like you a LOT."


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  • Awww this is adorable. Even though he's really shy he's really making the effort to talk to you I admire his courage. Oh he's interested believe me. Its possible he could busy. Since you two aren't facing each other it should be easier for him. Have you tried asking him if he's to nervous to text?

    • Thank you very much! I think it is because he is busy, his family owns a chain of hardware stores (which ironically has done business with my family, we both didn't find this out until later) and he helps out after school there. Thank you very much for your answer.

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