Dating your ex's best friend?

I recently started talking to my ex's best friend. We have hung out a few times. We text/snap each other everyday. But it seems like he's taking things pretty slow... he's getting a little flirty... but the times we've hung out we never kissed, held hands, or hugged. But he always tells me how excited he is to see me again. Really confused on the situation. Is he just taking it slow? Does he just want to be friends? Is it because I'm his best friends ex?
I'm not sure whether or not I should ask him these things because I don't want things to suddenly get awkward and different if I ask.
Should I just wait for him to make a move? Or should I do something about it myself?


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  • Question did u start talking to him while dating your ex or after? He could be teasing have you tried grabbing his hand he could be nervous? Its possible that he doesn't want to upset his friend at the same time he could be being careful not to do whatever broke you and his friend up.

    • We knew each other before me and my ex even started dating. But we didn't actually start talking till after me and my ex broke up
      But no I haven't tried anything. I'm afraid to because what if he doesn't think of me like that at all. And like I said... don't wanna make things awkward..

    • Well what makes you think he wants to be either friends or lovers?

    • It's just odd how we knew each other for 7 years, but never really talked... and all of a sudden he started talking to me after me and my ex broke up. It's pretty normal when we hang out like just 2 friends hanging out. But he's also a bit flirty and compliments me A LOT. Yet he hasn't tried anything physically. Like do guy and girl FRIENDS compliment each other? is that a thing? Lol

  • Maybe he doesn't want to risk his friendship without knowing for sure that you're interested.


What Girls Said 1

  • He may like you, but he know's not to break the bro-code.


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