Are women intimidated by logic and facts?

Ok so me and a girl I'm friends with started discussing her dating life and I got super logical in my argument I started saying that she has low self esteem cause the guys she dated degraded her and even beat her and now what she chooses to date is completely clouded and misguided because of all the things she was put through. I lastly state to her a popular phrase to repeat something over and expect different results is insanity and I told her it applies in this situation
Awesome opinions thanks a lot


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  • No I don't think women hate logical thinking.. I think women like a rational woman.

    What women DO hate is being told they have low self esteem, being reminded of how they were beaten, and being told they are insane.

    Just a heads up.

    • I think women like a rational man.**

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    • I know what it was meant for, that's not the problem. The problem is how she took it. All she knows now is she has flaws. She doesn't feel very confident or good about herself now when she doesn't know what her strengths are.

    • I just wanna open her eyes that's my whole goal

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  • No, but what a condescending dick!

    What is with some guys on here and the need to feel like a woman is "intimidated"
    There must be some kind of complex going on there.

    • No I ask because she started getting uncomfortable when I started laying her situations and presenting facts

    • I was referring to your question, not the details.

      No, you didn't intimidate her, you upset her because she knows it's true... but don't pat yourself on the back for that, dude. Just be a friend to her.

    • That was my whole thought process in that as a friend I want the best for her and I want her to see that

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  • Yes, but most people at most times are. It's easier to be a victim of the situation rather than to admit you're wrong and accept the truth.

    • Yeah she wanted to end the call

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    • That's good man. True friends don't bullshit, they tell the truth. But remember, there is a fine line between honesty being constructive verses destructive.

    • I feel it was constructive sometimes the truth hurts

  • No one likes facts when those don't suit them.

    • Yeah I piece together her past and tied it to her psychology and how it affects who she dates or becomes attracted to now. Actually I asked her verbally if I could use her as an example in my psychology class for a paper cause she would make a good example

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