Was this dude checking me out (Im not a guy), need your opinions?

I was at this coffee place in line and the whole time I was in line I saw this guy looking at me. I tried to act as I didn't see him haha. Then when I got my order and walked past his table, he was still looking at me with this serious face. The thing is we have once talked but that was years ago. Was he looking at me cause he "knew" me or because he was checking me out or both...


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  • probably thinking about the perfect way to kidnap you and keep you for his human collection.

    • Lol. What? Srsly?

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    • @DirectX
      Obviously this isn't my real name...

    • @ragini I see

What Guys Said 1

  • there are two situations
    first he want to talk to you
    second you are in a big problem dude get away from there as fast as you can

    • The interesting thing is he later walked by our table and stop to say hi to my friend who I was with... even tough he was staring at me. What do you think?

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    • I already said that in the Q 😂

    • hey sorry I think you are a boy

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