I'm confused whether this girl was being friendly or interested in me? Some people say she was interested. Other say she was being friendly?

Im a IT support tech For 4 months, we talked to each other every day over email, phone and instant message and when we saw each other we would smile each other.
She said I was awesome and helpful and to have a good weekend.
She offered me candy and coffee and got upset when I declined.
One day, She contacted me so I was helping her with a laptop. I sat next to her and we talked about school, work and she asked me where I lived. I told her that she can contact me the next day to assist her further. The next day, she chatted me and said Hi, Name, please call me at her personal cell phone number with a smiley face. I chatted her instead and assisted her.
Next week, I texted her at 8pm and she responded with Hi, Name, everything is fine. Is there something you need? 3 hours 30 mins later at 1130pm in the evening.
The next day she avoided me. 3 weeks later, she looked at me but I looked down and walked away.
She emailed me that same day with a work related question but I ignored it.
She avoided me for 2 months even looking down and putting her hand over her face.
2 weeks later, she sent me a question and I responded and she responded with Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face through email.
I met her in the elevator and she said that she was stalking me after she mentioned she hasn’t seen me for a while and I walked with her and said See you later but she didn’t respond.
A week later, she sent an email for assistance and I helped her and said See you later.
Two days I saw her and she said Hey and she said What’s so funny when I was laughing.
Days later, she sent me her 1st chat after 3 months with a question and I responded and she said Thanks.
Days later, I sent a chatting her telling her know that 1 week later, it will be my last day with the company and that it was fun supporting her and respond with
“I had no idea that you were leaving the company”! On my last day, I went up to her and smiled and waved bye. It’s been months and no contact from her.


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  • I would guess that there might have been something, but there isn't now. She probably tried to invite your attention when she gave you her personal number. Your response suggested that you just wanted to keep it work related and professional. She likely moved on at that point.

    She might have felt embarrassed after that, feeling like you rejected her, and there for put distance between the two of you. It seems like she tried to get back to friendly coworkers after that.

    I wouldn't expect to hear from her. It seems that the timing was off for it to become anything more than friendly.

    • I did text her saying that I wanted to reach out to her a week later.
      Im a firm believer that if things were meant to be, it would be. .

  • I think you had the chance of making a move. While I don't know if she was interested, I still think you had a shot.

    • What is your general opinion of this situation?

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    • If she found you attractive, which I think she did, it would have gone in the dating / sexual direction. If not it would have stayed as is.

    • It's been months since I left the company.
      Do you think anything can even happen?

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